An Independent Evaluation of the Integrated Care Program

The Integrated Care Program (ICP) is a mandatory managed care program for seniors and people with disabilities who are enrolled with Medicaid in parts of Illinois. IDHD has been evaluating the impact on cost and utilization and enrollee experiences since the program started in May 2011. The state funded the evaluation for four years, and we continue to work with data related to this evaluation through the RRTC on Developmental Disabilities and Health and the FSRTC.

Project details

Funded by:
Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services

Tamar Heller, Randall Owen, Kiyoshi Yamaki, Dale Mitchell, Yochai Eisenberg, Coady Wing, Anne Bowers, Caitlin Crabb, Susun Xiong, Robert Gould, Chris Keys, Judah Viola, Fabricio Balcazar, DHS, Aetna, IlliniCare