Envision Unlimited

The Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities funded a handful of agencies and groups in Illinois to conduct projects that were designed to increase the inclusion and integration of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in communities across the state, primarily through increasing their social capital and relationships.

Envision Unlimited implemented a project to better integrate residents of Community Integrated Living Arrangements into their neighborhoods. The project used people-focused and asset-based community development principles. Direct support staff received training and residents were provided with individual supports by staff to participate in local organizations.

The evaluation team retrieved the experiences of the project participants with ID with their community participation using photo voice, an inclusive research strategy.

Project details

Funded by:
Subcontract from Envision through the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities

Lieke van Heumen, Chih-Chieh Hsu (Graduate Student), Envision Unlimited staff and self advocates, Valerie Lilley (Graduate student, Department of Social Work, DePaul University)